Our Mission | USALP Organization | Strategic Leaders Fund/Corporate Partners

USALP programs will be developed to address specific themes such as trade and economic development, government, education, youth leadership, health and energy.

All programs will interweave four basic elements:

  1. Cultural – Programs will highlight Arab culture and history giving delegates an appreciation for the contributions Arabs have made throughout history while deepening their understanding of regional policies;
  2. Social – In country program resources will feature social networking experiences that incorporate local hospitality and provide delegates with an opportunity to discover common interests and shared goals while establishing long term friendships;
  3. Economic – Each program will include a focus on the Arab business community and on the regional business culture; and
  4. Thematic – Programs will be developed around a central theme (trade, economic development, governance, education, energy, health) that will be addressed through meetings and discussions that will also further the specific goals of the delegates.

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