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The advisory boards and committees managing the U.S.-Arab Leadership Program include an International Advisory Board and a U.S. Advisory Board. USALP will also include seven membership committees made up of prominent American and Arab representatives.

International Advisory Board

The Board will have the opportunity to participate in the long-term structure and development of the program. International Advisory Board Representatives will be participating Middle East ambassadors serving in Washington, DC. Four positions on the International Advisory Board will be reserved for special appointment by the USALP Executive Committee. The International Advisory Board will meet on a regular basis in Washington, D.C. and on occasion in the Middle East.

U.S. Advisory Board

The U.S. Advisory Board will be selected by the USALP Executive Committee with members representing a particular thematic area. Experts from each field will offer advice and expertise in the design and implementation of thematic programs. Regular meetings will be held throughout the year at various locations around the country.

USALP Advisory Committees

There will be seven committees responsible for a broad range of input needed to manage and execute the USALP. Each committee will invite prominent persons dedicated to the success of USALP to serve and contribute valuable knowledge and insights relevant to the committee themes. These committees will provide oversight, direction, and on going counsel.

U.S.-Arab Leadership Program Advisory Committees:

  1. Executive;
  2. Corporate Affairs;
  3. Government Relations;
  4. Nominating;
  5. Alumni;
  6. Leadership Councils; and
  7. Academic.

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