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To achieve the goals of the U.S.-Arab Leadership Program, a domestic structure will be identified to support out-reach and mutual understanding between local community and business leaders and the Arab-American community. This structure will also be responsible for maintaining a sustained and comprehensive community driven delegate selection process.

U.S.-Arab Leadership Councils:
USALP will designate U.S.-Arab Leadership Councils (USALC) in key communities across the country. The Councils will receive a competitive grant to promote activities in each region supporting dialogue between non Arab-American and Arab-American organizations, USALP delegate selection and USALP alumni programs. Each Council will be allocated a specific number of delegates based on USALP funding participation, local community participation and Middle East priorities. US-Arab Leadership Councils will be existing non-Arab American 501(c)(3) organizations.

These non-profit community organizations will be required to perform a variety of tasks and services in-order to qualify as Leadership Councils:

  1. Support USALP out reach and funding efforts to corporations, foundations, and local organizations;
  2. Coordinate with USALP to recruit delegates for specific themes;
  3. Develop interactive programs that bring the Arab-American community together with business and community leaders;
  4. Host events that bring Arab-American community leaders and potential program delegates together;
  5. Select possible candidates (final selection completed by USALP national office);
  6. Interact with city and state government officials;
  7. Conduct pre-trip background briefings for delegates;
  8. Debrief selected delegates in coordination with USALP national office;
  9. Host program alumni follow-up activities to promote social and economic
    development opportunities;
  10. Support American-Arab Chamber of Commerce initiatives; and
  11. Arrange events and activities to support the USALP Speakers Forum.

USALP Speakers Forum
USALP will host leaders in government, business, and academic fields from the Middle East to speak at community events arranged by the US-Arab Leadership Councils. These high level business and government officials will have direct personal contact and dialogue with American citizens across the country, offering a unique first hand perspective on U.S.- Middle East foreign policy and business environment.

Delegate Selection
American delegates will represent a broad spectrum of society. They will be leaders, opinion makers and people of influence within their communities. The delegates’ ability to exert a multiplier effect in the community will be an important criterion in their selection. Delegates will be individuals who are open-minded and agents of change.

The selection process will be designed and implemented to ensure that delegates are of the highest caliber. The selection process will also be conducted in a transparent manner at the grass roots level ensuring broad community participation.

Across the United States, US-Arab Leadership Councils will work with regional, state and local organizations and businesses during the delegate selection process so that community outreach and representation are assured.
The USALP Office will:

  1. Establish cooperative agreements with local non-profit organizations to nominate qualified delegates; organizations may include Councils for International Visitors, educational institutions and local Chambers of Commerce;
  2. Nominate delegates based on their specific thematic expertise and their position as a current or emerging leader in their field. Delegates will include state and local officials, community, business, academic, youth leaders and others; and
  3. Oversee the vetting process of potential delegates by local city partners, community organizations, and the newly designated U.S.-Arab Leadership Councils. Further vet the delegates when their nomination is confirmed.
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