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In coordination with each country office and USALP’s national office, the Institute of International Education will develop and administer programs for all USALP delegations. These programs will be subject to approval by the U.S.-Arab Leadership Program national office in Washington, D.C.

All programs will exit through New York City and will include an extensive pre-departure orientation and briefing for the delegates, conducted by IIE and USALP staff.

The following elements will form the orientation/briefing:

  1. Review of program itinerary and goals, sharing of the delegates’ personal goals and backgrounds, and an introduction by an acknowledged expert to the culture and current issues of the country to be visited;
  2. Issuance of complete program books containing detailed daily schedules, descriptions of appointments (individuals and organizations), accommodation information, and emergency contact information;
  3. Review of safe travel practices and in-country security;
  4. Introduction to and review of the role of an interpreter; and
  5. Explanation of post-program alumni opportunities and interactive online survey and how these elements multiply the program’s impact and further its economic development potential.
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