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Each country participating in the U.S.-Arab Leadership Program will have an in-country representative designated to work in partnership with the USALP office. The designated host country office will work directly with the USALP office and IIE to develop specific programs for that country.

The in-country experience for USALP delegates will be the start of a long-term commitment to the people and organizations encountered in the region. To assist in the process, USALP alumni events and opportunities will be developed to ensure ongoing communications between U.S. delegates and their host country counterparts.

The Arab host country office will establish relationships with government offices, businesses, organizations and citizens that will serve as USALP resources. These contacts will be beneficial to organizations and citizens wishing to establish stronger US-Arab economic and cultural ties.

Working collaboratively with U.S. embassies, USALP anticipates outreach to the alumni of the State Department’s exchange programs. The Arab alumni of the International Visitor Leadership Program, Fulbright program, and other U.S. exchanges may participate by acting as resources and hosting organizations for American delegates.

It is important to establish standard guidelines and policies for each of the host country program offices. Therefore, USALP will:

  1. Establish and maintain relations with a contact in each participating country;
  2. Identify private sector and private citizen participation in each country as resources and sponsors for USALP;
  3. Establish country specific program requirements and goals;
  4. Develop ongoing alumni opportunities for delegates and host countries; and
  5. Establish uniform security policies for all delegations.
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