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Director of Strategic Initiatives, U.S.-Arab Leadership Program
Jennifer Shoha is one of the founders and serves as Director of Strategic Initiatives for the U.S.-Arab Leadership Program.  The program is designed to promote mutual understanding with American delegates and their counterparts in the Arab World.  This programs design is also one that enhances the benefits of public and private partnerships.

Ms. Shoha is responsible for developing program strategies that support local, regional, and International Corporate support and participation in the U.S.-Arab Leadership program.

Prior to the U.S.-Arab Leadership program, Jennifer has been doing Government Relations and consulting.  

Jennifer has also participated in delegations in the Middle East.

Prior to her Government Relations work, Jennifer was the Director of Governor John Engler’s Southeast Michigan office, and Deputy Director of Public Affairs.  While holding these positions she also served as the Governor’s liaison to the White House on Arab American issues, the Republican Governor’s Association, Federal and State Cabinet officials, local elected officials, corporate, and civic leaders.   Jennifer also directed the Office of Appointments for Governor Engler, which included over 300 boards, commissions, and Executive positions in State Government.

In 2002, Jennifer managed the G-8 Energy Ministerial and Conference for the State of Michigan, which was held in Detroit.  She acted as the liaison to the Department of Energy, the United States Energy Association, Mayor Kwame Kilpatrick, United States Department of State, and the Energy Ministers of the G-8 Countries.  Ms. Shoha managed this project from inception to conclusion.

In December 2000, through January 2001, Jennifer served on the Bush/Cheney recount team in Florida, and then moved into the Presidential Transition.  While serving on the Presidential Transition team, she was assigned to the Office of Presidential Personnel and assisted in the initial screening and review of applicants for Presidential Appointment.

Jennifer currently serves on the board of the American Arab Chamber of Commerce.

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